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    Food waste disposer



    Characteristics and advantages
    Up to 85% of the volume reduction, provides great economic benefits.
    The direction of the waste trough and chute can be customized to meet different site layout requirements.
    Equipped with 5.5 KW international brand pulper motor and high hardness alloy steel cutter-head ensure excellent crushing effect, running stably and reliably.
    Easily removable stainless steel scrap basket, strainer cylinder and screw conveyor, easy to clean.
    Standard automatic cleaning rinse system, regularly starts rinse procedure, enables the inside of machine to keep clean.
    The safety interlock protection of the cover plate and the access door, ensures the safety of operators.
    The international brand PLC control system is stable, safe and reliable.

    Operating characteristics
    Food waste is flushed via the waste trough into the pulper by the circulating water. 
    The pupler is equipped with rotating cutter-head and pump which also create a strong suction which pulls debris towards them. This process continues until the particles are small enough to pass through the holes in the strainer ring. The chopped waste is transferred into the dehydration unit.
    The dehydration unit is composed of a strainer cylinder and a screw conveyor, the chopped waste is compressed during the screw conveyor transports the waste Operating characteristics,  and most of the water is squeezed out. 
    The waste then leaves the machine via a chute and is collected in a suitable receptacle. The water which was squeezed out is re-circulated to the waste trough which keeps fresh water consumption to a minimum.


    Parameter Name                                             Unit    Parameter Values
    Length                                                             mm    1600
    Width                                                              mm     750
    Height of table                                                mm     890
    Total height of machine                                  mm     1500
    width of trough                                               mm    200
    Distance from bottom of trough to ground  mm     650
    Distance from outlet of chute to ground       mm    990
    Voltage                                                             V       380
    power of pulper motor                                   KW     5.5
    Total power                                                      KW    7.5
    Total current                                                     A        19
    Cross section of cable                                     mm2    4
    Rated current of air circuit breaker                  A        40
    Incoming water pressure                               BAR    2~4
    Incoming water temperature                          ℃       5~40
    Diameter of water inlet hose                           "         3/4
    Diameter of drain pipe                                    "         2
    Throughput rate                                            Kg/h    800

    Updated: 2018/7/12