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    Roller-type rack's conveyor

    Roller-type rack's conveyor

    Roller-type rack's conveyor

    Characteristics and advantages:

    • Whole stainless steel structure, convenient for cleaning.
    • Adopt roller transmission, reduce operator’s labor intensity.
    • Equipped with international brand gear motor and frequency converter, with frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation and soft-starting function, running stably and reliably.  unpowered configuration according to the actual conditions for option.
    • Customized size, suitable for different spatial demands.
    • Circuit over-loading and electricity leakage safety protection design ensures safe operation.
    • Real-time transfer speed digital display, external speed governing potentiometer, the operation is simple and clear at a glance.

    Requirements on installation connection:

    • Requirement on electricity installation: 0.1KW/220V/1Ph

    Applicable places:

    • Places equipped with hood-type or rack-type dish washers


        Model                      PR625L            UR595

        Transmission speed    1.0~2.5m/min     --

        Height                     885mm               895mm

        Power supply            220V/1Ph           --

        Power                      0.1KW               --

    Updated: 2017/2/10